For Painting/Concrete Coating Companies Generating $500k+/Year Or More:

We'll Install Our 3-Part Service Legend System™ To Help You Dominate Your Local Market & Scale To $3-5m/Yr While 
Staying Ultra-Profitable

We'll Install Our 
3-Part Service Legend System™ To Help You Dominate Your Local Market & Scale To 
$3-5m/Yr While 
Staying Ultra-Profitable

We Are NOT Another Ad Agency - We Function As Your Full-Fledged 
Marketing & Customer Acquisition Partner 

  • Fully Done-For-You
  • Dominate Your Local Market 
  • ​Have Multiple Streams Of Customer Acquisition So You Never Have A "Slow Season" Again

We Are NOT Another Ad Agency - We Function As Your Full-Fledged 
Marketing & Customer Acquisition Partner 


Hear What Our Clients Have To Say About Working With ServiceLegend™:

"My business has now QUADRUPLED in the last 3 months of me working with Service Legend"

- Corban Parker: GARAGE ARMOUR

BEFORE Service Legend: Corban had a dry calendar with little to no bookings coming his way, lacking a strong foundation in his business.

AFTER Service Legend: Corban now has so many bookings and he's closing deals non stop to the point that he's fully booked each day of the week. 

"Service Legend totally revamped my marketing strategy...we're now SMASHING our projections as far as revenue goals for the year"


BEFORE Service Legend: Missing projections, using outdated marketing/seo strategies and overall on a decline in his business. 

AFTER Service Legend: Brad is now surpassing his revenue projections and has an unbeatable system that's reliable and brings him the results he's desired. 

- Luke Reynolds: ALL IN PAINTING

BEFORE Service Legend: Getting 1 lead per week, complete and utter silence on the phones and no proven, working system to help his business progress. 

AFTER Service Legend: Luke now has a thriving business, tenfold from what he was seeing before, and now has a consistent, proven system to help his business continuously succeed and excel with strong lead flow. 

"We've been on board for about a month now, and Service Legend's already helped us double our sales"

- Cesar: CSR Painting

BEFORE Service Legend: Cesar was bringing in some sales but he was no where near where he wanted his business to be. Progress was slow and limited with his marketing strategies 

AFTER Service Legend: Cesar has since doubled his sales within one month and has done a complete 180 within his business. 

How Does The Service Legend System™Work? Here Are The 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1

Paid Ads Customer Acquisition

Dominate Your Local Market Using Our Fully Hands-Off, Done-For-You Paid Ads Management (Google & FB)


Step 2

The Google Map Pack Takeover™

Paid Ads Start Slowing Down?
Not To Worry – We’ll Install Our Unique “Google Map Pack” Takeover Strategy So That You Show Up In The Top 3 Local Service Providers In Your Area

(when you have this - you’ll NEVER have a slow season again)


Step 3

The Triple R’s

We’ll Deploy Our Proven-To-Convert Automations To Get You More Referrals, 5 Star Reviews, & More Repeat Business

With The Service Legend System™ You'll NEVER Have To:

CHAse bad leads

post on social media

paying overpriced ad agencies or lead vendors

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"I've been working with Ryan and ServiceLegend for a couple of years and they have since doubled my company sales"


"Since I started working with Service Legend, we've been getting appointments like clockwork."


"We went from $0 to $50k a month with ONLY one crew since working with Service Legend. We've seen a 150% increase in leads"

"Literally what they’ve done in epoxy and floor coatings is like nothing I have ever seen before!"


"Ryan Davis’ leads took us from zero to a seven figure company in five months


"From zero online presence to over 150 leads a month, in less than 3 months"